I’m basically a self taught artist / graphic designer.

My early (and present for that matter) artistic path is littered with the usual words of wisdom dispensed by the wise, profound experiences and of course, supportive parents (mom is a bass playing scientist and Dad is a woodworking gourmet).
 That said, I’m just going to credit my creative energy to being baby-sat by Annie Leibovitz as a kid. Or maybe it was the guitar lessons from Joe Satriani in high school. Stones concert? I’m thinking some of that mojo had to rub off. The resulting infliction is a physical need to be creative or create something. I need that high man! I’ll make a macaroni Elvis or a sand candle if I have to. 
 Many empty crayon boxes later we come to my most influential early professional experience. The many years (too many, actually) I worked as a display artist for Tower Records Berkeley, CA store. Loose atmosphere with great creative people (most of which went on to do bigger and better things) Nothing like working in a record store when you're young! 
 Signcraft Magazine did a piece on some of my work for Tower in the May/June 1993 issue (#70). The Tower experience led me to freelance work for The Oakland A’s, University of California at Berkeley, FEA Merchandising (Van Halen, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Insane Clown Posse), Joe Satriani and all the major Record Companies.
 You say, enough graphic design, where’s the art? I agree. It’s coming. And plenty of it. Trust me...